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Welcome to Little-Detroit of Norway

Little-Detroit of Norway

Little Detroit,Norway is a small Club that share the

common interest of US WWII vehicles and equipment

related to the vehicles.The Club consist of 16 members.

We particulary share the facination of the 2,5t GMC CCKW353 and 352 6x6 truck,even though it's member also own other US WWII vehicles.

The members also share the deep respect and interest of tremendous logistic task that was performed by US Army's Quartermaster corps and Ordnance dept of WWII in the ETO.The undtold history of the heroes with spanners,often with limited resources who worked around the clock,fixing jeeps,trucks,small and heavy ordnance matrial,and re-supplying the fighting US Forces.

They served the fighting troops of the US Army and provided them with all technical support and knowledge available to keep the mechanized army in the world running.Their effort kept the fighting units constantly on the move to Berlin.

We find this side of the US WWII history underrepresented in the total Picture of the Allied bravery of WWII.

We wish to get in contact with People who has picture or information of this side of the WWII story in the ETO,and email our webmaster on this website.Especially info about the 2.Armored Ordnance Battalion,Attached to the 2.Armd.Div.is of intrest.

All the tough guy's didn't serve as paratroopers in the 101.Airborne Div. Without the Quartermaster Corps and Ordnance dept the Airborne,Infantry,Combat Engineers and all other fighting units would never had the possibility to set their foot on the French beaches and made the advance...